Requirements for Admission

  • University or college degree from four year institution
  • Completion of nomination form (Nomination forms may be requested by members only.)
  • Three letters of recommendation from existing members of the Club (One from proposer, one from seconder and one additional letter of support.)

Once the nomination form and three letters have been submitted to the Membership Office, an interview will be arranged for the candidate with the Committee on Admissions. Two separate members of the Committee will interview the candidate. Upon approval of the Committee, the candidate's name will be posted in the lobby for a one-week period for review by the entire membership. After the posting period, the candidate is eligible for election to membership by The Committee on Admission.

Upon election to membership the new member will receive a packet which will include, among other things, his or her membership number.

To learn more about joining the University Club of Chicago contact our membership department at 312.696.2223 or by clicking here.   You're also welcome to attend our upcoming Prospective Members Reception on Thursday, June 16th from 5:30pm to 7:00pm , click here to rsvp.  

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