Private Dining Rooms

Our Event Spaces

  • Cathedral Hall

      cathedral hall

      This opulent space represents the heart and soul of the Club. The space features Neo-Gothic stained glass windows depicting the fields of endeavor: law, music, science, literature, commerce as well as the 65 symbols of colleges. This is perfect space for your fairytale wedding, large social galas and meetings.
  • Front Grill

      Front Grill Dining Room

      Front Grill

      Located on the seventh floor of the Club, the Front Grill has a beautiful view of Lake Michigan, the City skyline, as well as Millennium Park. Available for evening events only.


      Front Grill Bar
  • Michigan Room

      michigan room

      An impressive decor of mahogany walls, stone fireplace, large stained glass windows and handpainted ceiling featuring various aspects and phases of a medieval hunt. This room may be used for large meetings, formal dinners and receptions. Optimal registration area outside this room. Internet access and conference calling availability.
  • Monroe Room


      Monroe Room

      Casual seating for receptions or dual settings for meetings and lunches. The advantages of remaining in one room when breaking for lunch can expedite your meeting schedule. Perfect greeting room for events in Michigan Room. .

  • Millennium Room

      Millennium Room

      Located on the 6th floor of the club, the Millennium Room has panoramic views of the city skyline, Millennium Park and Lake Michigan. Perfect for a corporate meeting during the day and an elegant dinner by night. This space can also be divided into Millennium Room North and South for smaller events.

      Millennium Room North Millennium Room South
  • Millennium Reading Room

      Millennium Reading Room

      Across from Millennium Room, the Reading Room is a great space for cocktails prior to dinner, or an after-event gathering.
  • Charter Room

      Charter Room

      The hand painted ceiling adds a special charm to this room, which is very popular among members and guests for meetings, luncheons and dinners.  
  • Northwestern Room (Room A&B)

      Room A/B

      Room A and B are connected with anteroom entrance ideal for registration. An alcove area perfect for beverages and buffets during meetings or cocktails before dinner.
  • Princeton Room (Room C)

      Room C

      Room C is famous for the many meetings held here by our membership as well as board members who govern the Club. Internet and teleconferencing capabilities are available.
  • Room D/E/F

      Room D

      Room D/E/F

      Rooms D, E & F are popular for conference meetings or smaller receptions. They are also perfect for luncheons and dinner meetings. Formal drawing room decor with Internet and teleconferencing capabilities. Room D is equiped with built-in state of the art audio visual.
      Room E. Room F.
  • Brown Room (Room H)

      Room H

      Room H is located on the 6th floor, which is quiet and close to the Members' Business Center. Perfect for meetings, baby and bridal showers.
  • Room I

      Room I

      Room I is located on the 6th floor, which is quiet and close to the Members' Business Center. Perfect for reception and dinner events.