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March 2017 | Vol. 73 No. 3
Hello Kitty
Butterfly Ball
Bring your daddy dear and your sweetest self
to dance the night away in Cathedral Hall on
Friday, May 12
from 6 to 9 p.m.
The Butterfly Ball
go-to event this spring for dads and daughters.
Facepaint artists, a totally cute over-the-top buffet
with sweet dessert fantasies, the cutest fellow Hello
Kitty aficionados and a rocking time await you.
For those in the KNOW, Miss Kitty White
AKA Hello Kitty was born in London, England on
November 1. She is the sweetest girl who likes cute
things and trinkets and loves red bows, especially in
her hair. She loves her family, her twin sister Mimmy,
her Mama who bakes lovely apple pies and tarts and
her dad, George, a funny, kind and generous person
(much like yours). In school, her favorite subjects are
English, music and art. In Japan, two theme parks are
named in her honor.
This event is Club seating, at tables of 10.
Always a sell-out, so reserve early.
Reservations: 312.696.2297
Price, adults: $65+grat+tax
Children under 12: $35+grat+tax
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