Club Policies

No dogs (other than seeing-eye dogs) or other pets are permitted in the Clubhouse.

  • Club Dress Code
    • The dress code set forth below is applicable at all times for members, guests and individuals using overnight accommodation.  Business casual attire or better is required throughout the Clubhouse, Monday through Friday, with the exception of specified areas, or specific events where the dress code will be announced prior to the event. "Smart casual" dress is allowed for traversing the Lobby, and up and down the front elevators.  This permits members and guests to come and go to the Club's bedrooms and Athletic Facilities in "smart casual" attire, which does include jeans.  Loitering in the Lobby in "smart casual" attire is not allowed.

      Business Attire

      Always acceptable in the Clubhouse with the exception of specified areas, or specific events where the dress code will be announced prior to the event.

      Athletic Attire

      Only permitted in the Club's Athletic Facilities, (the Aquatics and Group Exercise center, massage and steam areas, locker rooms, Strength and Conditioning area, and squash courts; collectively referred to as the "Athletic Facilities"). Note, members and guests dressed in Athletic attire may enter and depart only through the service entrance in the west alley or the west valet entrance to the Clubhouse and must utilize the back service elevator or back stairs to access Athletic Facilities. Athletically attired members and guests should never enter through the main revolving door on Monroe Street or use the main guest elevators. 

      Casual Attire

      (or better) Is acceptable throughout the Clubhouse on Saturdays and Sundays. Note, Casual attire may be worn by members and guests on weekdays only for accessing the Club's Athletic Facilities or bedrooms.  

      The following are not allowed in the Clubhouse unless such are appropriate to the Athletic Facilities: (i) shoeless, (ii) shirtless, (iii) wearing of baseball caps, or (iv) wearing of tank tops. 

      "Business Casual" Attire

      Defined at a minimum as: Men and boys over the age of 12: slacks and (i) a collared shirt or (ii) a collared shirt and sweater or (iii) a turtleneck. Women and girls over the age of 12: slacks or skirt with a blouse or a sweater or collared shirt. Bare midriffs are not acceptable.

      "Business" Attire

      Defined at a minimum as: Men and boys over the age of 12: (i) business suit with collared shirt and tie or (ii) slacks and sport coat with collared shirt. Women and girls over the age of 12: (i) business suit (pantsuit is acceptable); (ii) dress or (iii) blazer with collared shirt or sweater with skirt or tailored slacks.

      "Athletic" Attire

      Defined for both men and women as gym shorts, bicycle shorts, tshirts, lycra tops, gym shoes, sweat shirts, sweat pants, jogging suits and bathing suits. 

      "Casual" Attire

      Defined for both men and women as denim (skirts, jackets and pants) of any color, tailored shorts, tshirts, tennis shoes and sandals. 

      "Smart Casual" Attire

      Defined for men as Bermuda length shorts, jeans, collared shirt or polo shirt tucked in and boat shoes.  Defined for women as tailored Bermuda length shorts (no shorter than 3" above the knee), jeans, conservative top and dressy sandals or deck shoes. Not allowed are athletic shoes or flip flops, clothing with holes, rips or patches, "cargo" pants or shorts, tank tops, untucked shirts, and open toed sandals for gentlemen.


      Exceptions to the Dress Code 

      • Formal dinner service (check with staff for location) for men requires, at a minimum, Business Casual attire with a sports jacket.
      • Weekday Millennium Park attendees in "smart casual" attire may enter the Club then should wait in the back vestibule by the west valet entrance while a staff member accommodates their needs.
      • Persons aged 12 or under are dress code exempt.
      • Certain Club events (i.e., New Year's Day Open House) have a mandated dress code. Publication of the dress code for special events will be in the monthly member newsletter or on the website.
  • Cell Phone Usage
    • Cell phone usage is not permitted in the clubhouse except in (a) the public telephone booths on the first and seventh floors; (b) the lobby lounge outside the ladies restroom; (c) the Members' Office Suites; (d) the Billiards Room; (e) the sitting area in the southeast corner of the lobby; (f) private dining rooms, as designated by the sponsor; (g) the back stairways; (h) EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2008 bedroom corridors on the 3rd-6th floors; and (i) EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2008 the Athletic lounge or pro shop area on the 11th floor.
  • Games and Athletics
  • Smoking
    • Due to a change in Illinois law, effective January 1, 2008, smoking will be suspended at the University Club of Chicago. In addition, the law prohibits any smoking within 15 feet of a working door or window. Therefore, smoking is not permitted on the Monroe sidewalk at any entrance to the Clubhouse or on the balcony decks of the 12th floor.

  • Laptops/Tablet PCs/PDAs
    • Beginning October 1, 2010 in the Club's public dining areas, Tablet PC’s, PDA’s and electronic readers may be used in a limited manner. This policy is intended to both ensure privacy and minimize disturbance to fellow diners. Accordingly, the following usage restrictions apply:
      • Such electronic devices must be hand held or lay flat against the table (no laptops with upright screens).
      • No sound, earphones or blue tooth devices are permitted.
      • No photographs, videos or sound recordings may be made.
      In addition, laptops with upright screens and the above-referenced electronic devices may be used, consistent with this policy, in the following designated areas: (a) Members’ Business Center and adjacent Reading Room (6th floor) (b) Presidents’ Bar (prior to 4:30 p.m.) (c) the Library (d) first floor lounge (e) private dining rooms; and (f) bedrooms 

       Please note: University Club of Chicago takes no responsibility for any electronic items damaged or lost while on Club property. 
  • Gratuities
    • Gratuities are not permitted under any pretext throughout the Club. If desired you may contribute to the Employee Holiday Fund at the end of the year. Gratuities from some department checks, i.e. dining rooms, are paid to department employees in addition to their salary.
  • Special Events Cancellation
    • The Club's cancellation policy, as set forth in the Membership By-laws/House Rules, can be found in its entirety under the Special Events heading. Briefly, but not exclusively: Cancellation 25 hours to seven calendar days prior to an event incurs a 50% charge of the event's cost. Cancellation less than 24 hours before the event incurs 100% of the charge.
  • Photography
    • Club members and their guests are asked to refrain from photography in the clubhouse, except on holidays and special events as determined by the House Committee.

      Professional photographers are permitted to take photographs only in areas designated for the private event. Photography is not permitted in public of the clubhouse, except in limited, pre-determined times, in the lobby.

      Media (television, radio, press or video) representatives must sign a University Club of Chicago Press Policy prior to entering the Clubhouse. The Press Policy form may be obtained from the Catering Department.
  • Members' Business Center
      • Eight (8) of the cubicles will be available on a walk-in, first come first served basis.
      • Two (2) hours per day limit.
      • Member log in / register in and out at the Business Center attendant desk.
      • Maximum free use of this space is forty (40) hours per month per member.
      • If no one is waiting, members may use space for longer than two (2) hours per day, but not to exceed forty (40) hours in a month. Use for more than forty (40) hours in a month to be charged.
      The two private phone booth areas are only to be used intermittently while making phone calls where privacy is needed.

      Four (4) of the cubicles are available on a reservation basis at a- four (4) hour minimum $50 or 8 hour - $100 rental rate, so allowing members to guarantee a space for a fee. If no one has reserved a cubicle, members can use these cubicles on a walk-in basis as above. A reservation book will be kept at the attendant’s desk.
      Printing and copying will be charged if it exceeds a nominal dollar threshold of $1.00 per day. (Based on $0.05 a page for black and white copies and $0.20 cents a page for color copies).
      Local and long distance calls will be charged based upon current rates in effect. (Local phone call rates are $0.50 cents for calls up to three minutes long and $0.10 cents a minute thereafter). As an alternative personal cell phones may used in the business center.