Cardio & Squash Center

One of the Club’s newest addition includes a cardio workout center and state of the art squash facility. The addition of a regulation doubles court and four singles courts in the same space will allow for extensive multi-level programming with additional interactive social events.

Features Include:

  • Spacious lounge area for the social side of athletics.

  • Twenty-five cardio machines and a spacious stretching area.

  • Floor to ceiling windows facing east afford a stunning view of Millennium Park

  • Four McWil International Singles Courts with matte finish panel hit walls.

  • Two-camera video review station programmed on one of the singles courts.

  • One McWil North American Doubles Court with maple hit walls.

  • Sprung court floors provide greater cushion and less physical wear and tear.

  • Singles courts allow more air flow and reduce echo. The sidewalls of the singles courts are open (separated with netting) above the out of bounds lines.

  • All courts have high ceilings.

  • Motion detector light controls on all the courts.

  • Increased space behind the courts for viewing or relaxing after the match.

For more information about the Cardio Squash Center contact the Athletics desk or call 312.696.2265.