Club Art Collection

Founded in 1887 by a group of university club graduates who shared a common interest in establishing a place where other graduates could come to foster the free exchange of ideas and appreciation of the arts, the University Club of Chicago has among its stated goals, the promotion of literature and art. Works of art have been a permanent part of the University Club of Chicago from the opening of the present building in 1909. There are the stained-glass windows and decorations by the artist who created the Club's seal, one of finest muralists in early 20th century America, Frederic Clay Bartlett. Throughout the Club are many prints, paintings, manuscript pages, photographs, sculptures and ceramics that date from the 13th through 20th centuries. These pieces form the nucleus of an ever-growing collection.

Frederic C. Bartlett, Roger Brown, Ed Paschke, Leon Golub, William Conger, Harry Callahan, Richard Hull are just a few of the notable masters whose works are on view through out the clubhouse.


 Ed Paschke, Red Ava, 1997  Frederic Clay Bartlett, 
A Street in Paris, 1925
Gladys Nilsson, Air Bored, 1990 

 Hollis Sigler, We Have Fantasies About
Sitting Closer To Nature, c. 1991
 Harry Callahan, Aix-en-provence,

 Jim Lutes, Big Brown, 1992  Leon Golub, Head VI, 1958  Seymour Rosofsky, Victory
Dinner, 1973