General Information

University Club of Chicago

76 East Monroe Street
Chicago, IL 60603
phone 312.726.2840 | fax 312.726.0620

Getting Here

Valet parking is available 24 hours, seven days a week.

  • Member day rate: $27, overnight rate: $52 
  • Guest day rate: $35, overnight rate: $52 

Self-parking is available at the following garages: Grant Park East Garage (located at Columbus Drive and Michigan Avenue), Grant Park North Garage (located at Madison Street and Michigan Avenue), and Grant Park South Garage (located at Jackson Street and Michigan Avenue).

Public transportation from O'Hare Airport
Follow the signs through O'Hare Airport to the CTA Blue Line train. Take the CTA Blue Line train downtown to the Monroe/Dearborn stop. Walk east 0.2 miles to 76 E Monroe St. Approximately 45 min.

Public transportation from Midway Airport
Follow signs through Midway Airport to the CTA Orange Line train. Take the CTA Orange Line train downtown to the Adams/Wabash stop. Walk 0.1 miles southeast to 76 E Monroe St. Approximately 38 min.

Club Policies

  • Dress Code
    • View the University Club of Chicago Dress Code.

      Last updated January 2020.

  • Cell Phone Usage

      All cell phones and other electronic devices must be set to silent mode in the Clubhouse.


      • Cell phones may not be used for calls or photography in any dining room, restaurant, bar, the Library, athletic facilities or locker rooms.
      • Cell phones may not be used for calls or photography in any dining room, restaurant, bar, the Library, athletic facilities or locker rooms.
      • Calls must be brief – volume and duration of call must be limited.
      • Speaker mode is not allowed; at no time are headphones or earbuds to be used for voice communication.
      • Calls are permitted in the following locations and must be made in a discreet manner, without disturbing others:
      • Cell phones may be used in the Business Center, bridge to the Business Center when the bridge is not used for meetings, Billiards Room, Living Room, phone booth on the 7th floor, the Parliament elevator alcove on the 8th floor, lobby lounges (southeast corner of the lobby and the area adjacent to the valet entrance), and private meeting rooms as designated by the sponsor.
      • Any calls that are disruptive to other Members, Guests or Visitors must be ended immediately when requested to do so by an employee.

      Please see the Electronic Devices Reference Table

  • Computers, Tablets and Other Mobile Devices

      Laptops and other mobile devices (e.g. typing) are permitted in the Living Room, Business Center, Bartlett Reading Room, Library, and valet lounge. These devices are also permitted in the Presidents’ Bar prior to 4:30 p.m.


      Passive use (e.g. reading, texting) of electronic devices that lay flat is permitted, with the sound off, in dining rooms and bars except Cathedral Hall.

      Please see the Electronic Devices Reference Table.

      Please note: University Club of Chicago takes no responsibility for any electronic items damaged or lost while on Club property.

  • Photography
    • With the exception of casual (non-professional) photography in designated areas, no photography is permitted in the Club at any time without prior written permission from the House Committee or its designee such as the General Manager. Members, Authorized Persons, Guests and Visitors have a right to privacy. It is expected that every Member, Authorized Person, Guest and Visitor take care to safeguard the identity and personal information of all other Members, Authorized Persons, Guests and Visitors.

      To protect the privacy of Members, Guests, and Visitors of the Clubhouse, camera and videotaping features of cell phones or other devices may not be used in any area except the east deck of the Parliament and in the Living Room. Members, Authorized Persons, Guests, and Visitors taking photographs are to avoid including images of all other persons who have not given verbal consent to be photographed.

      Limited exceptions allowing casual photography for holidays and Club special events shall be designated by the House Committee.

      Photography is permitted in areas designated for private events at the discretion of the event sponsor.

      Sharing posts from the Club’s official social media accounts is permitted. With the exception of casual (non-professional) photography in designated areas or at designated Club events, it is a violation of Club policy for photographs, video or other depictions of a University Club Member or of the Club’s facilities taken or made on Club property to be posted on a website, social networking site or similar communications medium without the written approval of the House Committee or its designee such as the General Manger. It is also a violation of these House Rules to describe in related text or commentary any of the Club’s facilities or activities.

  • Smoking
    • Effective January 1, 2020, and until construction of conforming space is completed, the Club hereby suspends the right of Members, Authorized Persons, Guests, Visitors and employees to smoke, chew snuff, or vape while on the Club premises (including, but not limited to, chewing tobacco along with cigarette, cigar, hookah and pipe smoking or the use of vaping devices) in order to achieve compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

      The use of marijuana is prohibited by federal law. The use of marijuana and/or other substances containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is prohibited anywhere on Clubhouse grounds and within 25 feet of any Clubhouse entrance.

      The use of chewing tobacco, snuff or any other orally consumed tobacco product is prohibited in the Clubhouse.
      Smoking tobacco products are prohibited in all common areas of the Clubhouse. In addition, Chicago law prohibits smoking within 15 feet of a working door or window. Therefore, smoking is not permitted on the Monroe Street sidewalk at any entrance to the Clubhouse, on the Parliament’s east and west decks, or on the balcony decks of the 12th floor.
      Notwithstanding this suspension of smoking rights, in accordance with the Illinois Smoke Free Act, Rooms 316, 317 and 318 are officially designated as smoking rooms. Smoking may be allowed in such designated smoking rooms at a future time as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors, provided such designated smoking rooms are maintained in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
      Upon completion of construction of conforming space, smoking in a room to be designated as Room 316, Room 317, Room 318 or other name approved by the Board of Directors, will be limited to specific groups such as the Cigar Club members. A specific set of rules and regulations governing the use of certain tobacco products such as cigars will govern hours of operation, occupancy, fees, and privileges of access.

      Vaping is prohibited in the Clubhouse. In addition, the Chicago Clean Indoor Air Act prohibits vaping within 15 feet of a working door or window. Therefore, vaping is not permitted on the Monroe Street sidewalk at any entrance to the Clubhouse, on the Parliament’s east and west decks, or on the balcony decks of the 12th floor.

  • Business Center
      • Eight of the cubicles will be available on a walk-in, first come first served basis.
      • Two hours per day limit.
      • Member log in / register in and out at the Business Center attendant desk.
      • Maximum free use of this space is 40 hours per month per member.
      • If no one is waiting, members may use space for longer than two hours per day, but not to exceed 40 hours in a month. Use for more than 40 hours in a month to be charged.

      The two private phone booth areas are only to be used intermittently while making phone calls where privacy is needed.

      Four of the cubicles are available on a reservation basis at a four hour minimum $50 or eight hour - $100 rental rate, so allowing members to guarantee a space for a fee. If no one has reserved a cubicle, members can use these cubicles on a walk-in basis as above. A reservation book will be kept at the attendant’s desk.

      Printing and copying will be charged if it exceeds a nominal dollar threshold of $1.00 per day. (Based on $0.05 a page for black and white copies and $0.20 cents a page for color copies).

      Local and long distance calls will be charged based upon current rates in effect. (Local phone call rates are $0.50 cents for calls up to three minutes long and $0.10 cents a minute thereafter). As an alternative personal cell phones may used in the business center.

  • Library
      • The Club Library is open daily — to members and overnight guests — 7 a.m.-11 p.m.
      • Members and their families may, on signed receipt, borrow books from the Club Library for a period of two weeks. A charge may be made for books kept longer than this period or for those books not returned.
      • Mandatory dress code: business casual (no jeans permitted).
      • The Club Library is a quiet space for study and contemplation — all phones must be set to silent and group work is not permitted.
      • Food and drink are not allowed — water is permitted.
  • Special Events Cancellation
    • The Club's cancellation policy, as set forth in the Membership By-laws/House Rules, can be found its entirety under the Special Events heading. Briefly, but not exclusively: Cancellation 25 hours to seven calendar days prior to an event incurs at 50% charge of the event's cost. Cancellation less than 24 hours before the event incurs 100% of the charge.

  • Games & Athletics
  • Gratuities
    • Gratuities are not permitted under any pretext throughout the Club. If desired you may contribute to the Employee Holiday Fund. Gratuities from some department checks, ie. dining rooms, are paid to department employees in addition to their salary.

Additional Services

Members' Business Center
Our Business Center provides desks, computers with Internet access, phones, printer, copy, and fax machines, as well as complimentary coffee service. Please adhere to a maximum two-hour use of desks in demand.
Monday­­ - Sunday, 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Car and Limousine Service
The Bell Captain is happy to hail a cab for you upon your departure from the Club. The Front Desk can arrange limousine service for members and their guests as well.

Laundry/Dry Cleaning
Laundry and dry cleaning services are available upon request through the Bell Captain.

Concierge Service
The Front Desk will be glad to secure tickets for you for theater or sports events through a Chicago ticket agency. Tickets will be delivered to the Club and charges added to your account.

In the Area

The University Club lies in the very center of Chicago's most beloved cultural attractions. Overlooking Lake Michigan in the heart of downtown Chicago, the Club directly faces Chicago's urban landmark, Millennium Park, a unique venue for strolling and viewing works by world-renowned artists, architects and designers. The Club is mere steps away from The Art Institute of Chicago, next door to the home of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and minutes away from the Field Museum, John G. Shedd Aquarium and world famous Magnificent Mile.

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