Special Events & Societies

Explore your passions while creating and deepening connections through our wide range of cultural and educational events.

Special Events

Members can enjoy award-winning authors, black tie dinners, TED speakers, live music performances, themed parties, community outreach, exclusive museum viewings, theater outings and more. We cultivate experiences that lay the foundations of new interests and friendships.


With regular meet-ups, guest speaker events and outings, our special interest groups provide an arena for members to further their passions and curiosities alike. Both the expert and novice are always welcome.

  • Beer Society
  • Book Club
  • Bridge Society
  • Business Development
  • Chateau 76 / Wine Society
  • Chess Society
  • Cigar Club
  • Civic Affairs
  • Dance Society
  • Dive Society
  • Equestrian Society
  • Euchre Society
  • Family Fun
  • Fin Tech Society
  • Garden Society
  • Golf Society
  • History Club
  • Horological Society
  • Investment Society
  • Live Music Society
  • Mahjong Society
  • Night Owls
  • Patriot Society
  • Photography Society
  • Sailing Society
  • Scotch Society
  • Technology Society
  • Wing & Clay Society
  • Women's Society
  • Writing Society
Questions about special events and societies? Please contact Mary Holloway, director of special events, at holloway@ucco.com.
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